Appropriate standards and competences - the foundation of cooperation/milestones for collaboration

The technical specification is an important element in the implementation of any project. Whether we are talking about leaflets, backlights, advertising gates or unmatched 3D spectacular exposition, each customer and each production is a genuine chance to create something original eye-catching and memorable. This process is driven by a proper preparation of each assignment and therefore certain efficient procedures and tools shall be worked out/developed properly.

Creative ecological materials

POSperita environmental policy - eco solutions

We are commited to/striving for keeping the carbon footprint as low as possible of every item/element produced as well as its subsequent ease of disposal.

Key values honoured in POSperita’s brand strategy as well as requirements towards suppliers and subcontractors constantly contribute to minimize an environmental impact.

Our certificates

Our international certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and quality policy certificate confirm the standards of customer service and care for the natural environment.


See also the FSC certificate/Take a look at FSC certificate ®. FCS


ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System aimed at constantly improving production efficiency and customer service standards. It also means care for innovation, digitalisation of processes and cost optimization.

As our business partner you get real profits from systematically improved quality.

ISO 14001 is the answer to the needs of sustainable development policy. Caring for the natural environment is no longer a niche trend, but our global duty/obligation. Minimizing the negative impact on nature and the environment, reducing the amount of waste, mixing energy consumption and transforming heat sources sit deeply on our minds.


Working with POSperita - you act effectively and responsibly!

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